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What Does Charlie Brown Have To Do With… The True Meaning Of Christmas?

Posted by on December 20, 2010

Thanks to my husband Brett for his major contribution to this wonderful post!


Does all the commercialization of Christmas have you down? Well! I am here to offer you one remedy for family and friends. Amid the avalanche of TV Christmas specials that hit our screens this time of year; there is one little gem that always stands out from the rest. It is a simple, unpretentious cartoon that is several decades old, however, it still manages to earn great ratings and has been loved by many generations.


I am guessing this is no coincidence. Out of all the the Christmas specials claiming to us about “The True Meaning of Christmas,” this little cartoon is the one that everyone remembers and watches over and over again…The one that gets the true meaning.


I am referring to A Charlie Brown Christmas. There is so much to recommend about this show; not least of which is the gentle skewering of the commercialism that surrounds our modern ideas of Christmas. Oddly enough, commercialism has gotten progressively worse since A Charlie Brown Christmas was fist produced in 1965. This charming cartoon has become more and more relevant every year. There is hardly a viewer who cannot identify with Charlie Brown’s feelings that, somewhere in all the hype and advertising, the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.


Sadly there are more anti-consumerist messages out there every Christmas. A Charlie Brown Christmas does not just critique the commercialism; it offers something to counter it…something real and significant. Most other TV specials leave us with the thoughts that the True Meaning of Christmas is family, or giving, or kindness etc. Although these concepts are wonderful and admirable in themselves, they totally miss the mark.


In simple, sincere, but utterly effective fashion, A Charlie Brown Christmas gives us the Pure and True Meaning of Christmas when the famous Peanuts character, Linus, recites the Glorious Nativity passage from the Gospel of Luke. It is not heavy-handed…it is not an altar call…it is not sentimental or sappy in the least. It is a straight forward sharing of the Gospel, as a direct response to the emptiness, frustration and despair from all the commercialism that is out there.It demonstrates TRUE HOPE to the hopeless; not just at this time of year…All Year Round!  It is a beautiful example of the Power of Christ to infiltrate and transform culture.


This Christmas I have a wonderful idea for you and your family.  Why not pop some popcorn, or bake some cookies, and invite your friends and neighbors over to watch it.  If you search the channels, it always airs during the Christmas Season.  You can also rent or purchase the DVD. It is available at many retailers, as well as online. What better way to begin to share Christ with those around you…plus give them a nostalgic, enjoyable and no-pressure experience!  If the viewing opens the door to a serious conversation about Christmas and It’s True Meaning…everyone will be blessed. However it turns out; your family, friends and neighbors will have learned the True Meaning of Christmas…An all-too-rare experience during the Christmas Season these days.


JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! That is the only TRUE  reason to celebrate.


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4 Responses to What Does Charlie Brown Have To Do With… The True Meaning Of Christmas?

  1. Nancy Radlinger

    Great post Brett & Linda – and I have to agree and we sure must be on the same page as I just wrote a similar one for my blog – nice to see someone else thinking about the real spirit of Christmas.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Kris Hanks

    Linda and Brett!

    I could not agree more with this article and am so glad you took a minute to pen it!

    The holidays are special but every year there is more and more talk about who bought what and who got what.

    What ever happened to baking a birthday cake and singing happy birthday to Jesus? I never understood that we get the presents. He gave us the greatest present of all, his life for ours.

    Thank you again, may your home be blessed with a beautiful season of love!

    Kris Hanks

  3. Carl

    This is a great message to share. Just this morning I was at the gas station and was talking to the attendant there about how we have commercialized Christmas so badly.

    My son received a card yesterday and thought it was boring – every year before we open presents I take some time to remind our children of the true meaning of Christmas and how there are those in the world who aren’t as fortunate as we are – when acting the way he did yesterday I wonder if he will ever get the message.

    But I will say after all the years of the Charlie Brown special our kids love that show and every year seem to enjoy watching it, this has actually surprised me.

    Thanks for sharing, I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas season and good health and prosperity in 2011

  4. Tracy Allen

    Warm feelings and a desire to see the movie again hit me reading this post. I just checked to see if Netflix has it to watch online but, they don’t. I will certainly take some time to sit with my teenagers and watch it as a family. Good idea!

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