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Linda M Davis is a mixture of gifts, talents, interests, visions and dreams…All blended together with a Burning Passion to be a Blessing to God and help others…Give Their Body What It Needs To Heal Itself… physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I live in Louisville Kentucky with my husband Brett.  I have been in Louisville for over 20 years, and I have no desire to live anywhere else.

have just recently created a Prayer & Worship Site online [GLORYWAY] to help reach others for Christ. Come and Enter Into His Presence through Prayer, Worship and God’s Holy Word.   Jesus will meet you there!  You may also join us on Facebook.

Here is a little background on me:  WHO I WAS…WHO I AM NOW!

When I met and interviewed with The Leaders Role in May of 2010, I was at a definite crossroads in my life.  I was extremely disillusioned with online coaching programs.  I had just been burned badly by two other programs.  I never lost hope of my Vision, and I was even more hungry to learn.  During my interview, I felt a Peace, like I had not known for a very long time.  I knew I was in the right place, even though, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure that I was the right person.  My confidence level needed a booster shot.  It did not take long to convince me that I was in the right place, and I was the right person.

Within one week I had created my first blog and written my first article.  Kris would give us challenges.  I have had many challenges in my life…This time was totally different.  Not only was there a challenge;  there was a deadline. 

Wow!  When I  look back;  that was the booster I had been needing to unleash my potential.  My confidence was beginning to soar.  I was a whole new person. I was finally on a winning team, surrounded with other winners.

I remember the day when my very first article was accepted, published and rated Expert Author Status with Ezine Articles.  I was totally ecstatic.  Another challenge; another deadline; another article.  As of to date, I have written many interesting and informative articles.  I still shake my head in utter amazement, when I look at those articles.

I have learned about posting on my blog, editing my blog, adding pages, text and opt in forms.  I do not know if you can comprehend how thrilling and satisfying that is.  I have learned how to do a  Keyword search, [mastering it is something else] I do understand the importance of it.  The Leaders  have demonstrated, in their own unique way, how valuable my marketing funnel and my blog is… to building my list and growing my primary business.

Thanks to a lot of dedication and hard work, my Vision became reality.  My Primary Business Passion has always been Natural Health &  Whole Food Nutrition.  I am presently owner/partner of…Nano Silver Shield with Lynn Rios.  Lynn and I both share the same passion to educate others to healthy living naturally.

I am so excited to have found the “HAPPY PILL!”   This AMAZING  ”Perfect Super Food” is transforming lives all over the world.  Because of the… Fibroblast Growth Factor… The Serotonin Levels in the Brain are being raised and balanced naturally, resulting in mega stress reduction, allowing the Mind, Heart and Body to repair, rebuild and restore.  Maintaining  optimum Cortisol levels in the body is just another life transforming benefit.  In case you are not aware of this…Cortisol is being named “The Death Hormone”  

I have since added Qi Nopal to my daily menu of Natural Health.  It has powerful cancer fighting properties.  I am committed to taking every natural whole food supplement that fights cancer.  

SOUL is my most recent addition to my daily health.  WOW!  This phenomenal whole food comes from cold pressed seeds.  When you read all the AMAZING benefits that you receive from the Black Cumin, Black Raspberry and Chardonnay Grape Seeds;  it will literally blow your mind.  This whole food puree also contains cancer fighting properties.  

I truly believe, why at age 66, I continue to stay healthy, physically and emotionally, because each day I am giving my body “The Best of the Best.”

I love Louisville because…here is where another passion has been fulfilled.  I have loved, and grew up riding horses. Later on I spent 25 years, off and on, working in the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry.  Even though I am no longer active; the love never dies…It will always be in my blood.  I have met some wonderful new friends on Facebook, who share my passion for horse racing.

I humbly appreciate each and every one who visits my sites.  I extend an open invitation to return often.

Blessings & Divine Health!


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Linda M Davis
Skype: kentucky-gal
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15 Responses to ABOUT ME!

  1. Lynn Rios

    You are too kind!

  2. Scott Crawley

    Linda that is wonderful, I knew you could do it all the time taking the first step to success can be quite difficult at times you have made a fantastic start with this and other things you have achieved.

    I am proud to know you and the things that you are capable of, you will show others much success in your heart and your articles.

    Digital roadblocks are put in the way for a reason, this one you plowed right through it, and now everyone can view this great article that you have here. WTGoooooooooo!

    Scott Crawley
    Your Online Income Coach
    Skype Me: scwealth

  3. Teresitz Lewis

    I want to thank you for writing this story. I had no idea that you had it in you. I learned a lot from your article. Keep God in front of you and he will open doors, windows, and your path.

    Thank you!

  4. Shirley Matta

    Linda, you have grown by leaps and bounds my friend! Your article reveals the helping spirit that is within you. Your faith , perseverance,belief and focus has brought you into success! God Bless you!
    Shirley Matta
    SRGM Coaching Consultant
    Skype> srgm.me

  5. Tammie Perry

    Linda, I knew you had it in you too. I am so proud and excited that God has brought our paths together. You have grown so much since I first met you. You confidence has blossomes and your skills have grown so much.
    You were already one of the best fundamental coaches I know and now just imagine what your limits will become.
    God has a plan to flourish you in everything you do and I am so blessed to know you as a coach, mentor and friend. God Bless You Always.

  6. Sandra Harris


    Such a powerful article, I love the flow of it. I learned a lot about after reading your article. Continue to give your credit to God, also getting help from your friends in Skype makes all the difference in the world as well. Keep up the good work Linda.

  7. David ORourke

    Very nice blog Linda. I especially appreciate what you said about having a Burning Passion to educate and help others live a Healthy Life. That shows how unselfish and giving you are. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  8. Kris

    It is always a breath fresh air to read your writing. I hope that you will write forever!
    I will return here often to read your post!

    Kris Hanks / Founder TLR

  9. Michael Glass

    Hi Linda,

    An absolute pleasure reading this post and learing more about you! I am truly blessed to be connected to such giving people!

    I look forward to sharing horse stories with you! – just came in from working with the 4H Horse Project kids -


  10. Goran Wiberg

    What an absolutely beautiful site and a very touching and interesting presentation of your self. I wish there was more of this one the net to balance up for all the bad stuff.

    Thanks for sharing Linda.

    God Bless and take care…


  11. Ralph Wesseling

    Linda…..GREAT article and testimonial always GREAT to meet others that share the same LOVE for our Lord.

    YES… TLR is the best thing that has happened to Network Marketing in a long long time. Mike, Kris, Kathy & Jason are the most giving Leaders that I have met in my 35 years in this Industry.

    Good Luck and Blessings to you as you follow your Passion.


  12. Steve W

    Nice article Linda, it’s nice to see someone so passionate about their faith and life. Thanks for sharing your story!


  13. Tene Williams

    What a beautiful post. I love it! Keep up the good work:-)

  14. Marty Misner

    Linda, I love your writing & think you are really talented, you inspire me to begin my blog!

  15. Richard Hobart

    This lady loves our Lord Jesus Christ. She has been such an inspiration to me. Treat her with the respect which rightfully belongs to her…..and please make sure she is “bathed” in prayer as she is surrendered to the work and the will of the Lord.

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