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Are You Giving Lame Excuses For Procrastination?

Posted by on July 23, 2010

Do not put off until tomorrow; what you can get done today. How many times do we say that to ourselves, yet we do that very thing. We give ourselves every conceivable reason or excuse we can possibly come up with.


Some examples of procrastination that you might relate to are:


    •  I think the grass is too wet; I will wait and mow it tomorrow

    •  That bill is not due until a later date; so I can wait to pay it.

    •  It is too hot outside right now; I will get up early in the morning and get that done.

    •  I have to complete this assignment; What if it is not good enough?

    •  I need to call that person; this probably would not be the best time.

    •  I have so much to get done; I am just not in the mood right now.

The list for procrastination is endless. It is a word that can fit into any situation or circumstance if we allow it to. It has many disguises through which it operates. I would like to dig a little deeper into some disguises.




Fear wears many different hats within it’s own disguise, yet they very often operate together.


Fear of Lack of Knowledge!  Fear of Failure!  Fear of the Unknown!


Truthfully I believe that we use these fears to procrastinate because we have not done the research and spent the time to prepare ourselves properly. Our confidence level is extremely low, therefore we stumble and fumble with our words and actions.


Solution… Study to show your self approved! Become an expert in any task that you choose to endeavor; your confidence will soar and you will be eager to get started.


Lack of Organization & Time Management!


Procrastination plays a huge role here due to the fact that we do not discipline ourselves in our daily actions, which causes us to become scattered and lose focus.


Solution… We need to devise specific categories for each day; and set a time schedule for each category. Doing that faithfully will develop better organization and time management skills for all of us. These two skills alone, when mastered properly, will have a huge positive impact on our lives.


Lack-a-dais-ical Attitude!


Simply put this means “laziness!” Unfortunately, but true, this is one of the most popular excuses for using procrastination today. It occurs in various situations. For example; people suffering from depression will become lack-a-dais-ical because they see no hope in their future.


Another reason people procrastinate is because they are in denial. They either can’t or they refuse to deal with certain issues in their lives. Most often this causes irreparable damage.


Anger is another dangerous excuse. So much of the time, when we are angry, or bitter, we tend to disassociate ourselves; burying the feelings. That is a lame excuse for procrastination .


Solution… If the depression is clinical, it can be treated. Seek the advice and care of a physician. If you are just feeling sorry for yourself; get over it! The sun came up this morning, the flowers are in bloom, and God gave you this day; so do something positive with your life.


You can’t hide from yourself forever. Denying the truth holds you captive; accepting the truth will free you to move forward.


By confronting the source of your anger, and resolving it, you will spend far less time complaining to others. That time could be better used toward achieving your goals.


I hoped I have helped you to better understand how procrastination is not worthy of your time. I myself, have learned valuable insights through sharing this information with you.


It is never too late to make your life… The Best It Can Be! Go ahead! Get started today! Apply some of these principles to your daily life. I promise you will never regret it.

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8 Responses to Are You Giving Lame Excuses For Procrastination?

  1. Lynn Rios

    This is a really great article Linda, but…
    what too you so long?

  2. kathy keen

    Procrastination it seems we all do at some point….
    Fear and laziness is a big cause,,,,
    Great ,great article

  3. Kris

    Thanks so much for writing this. It was meant for me as well as soo many others I am sure! Keep bringing the real stuff and stay true to you! I will return often.

  4. Nancy Radlinger

    Great post – and that can be soooooo true – thanks for posting

  5. Mike Erwin

    Great post Linda. We really have to push ourselves to our goals as it is easy just to put things off and then it becomes overwhelming.

  6. Craig Caron

    Great post.

    Your absolutely right. Most people do have a fear and thats why they procrastinate but sometimes it is the mentor they follow also guidung them in the wrong direction.

  7. Roland Leveille

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    This is a topic we can never here enough of. We are all guilty of procrastination at some point. The trick is to defeat it.

    - Roland :)

  8. Ken Thompson

    This is a great post Linda. I think procrastination is the greatest hurdle we have to overcome to achieve our goals. I had it bookmarked so when I get those feelings and thoughts that things can wait, I can come back and get a refresher on what I need to do.

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