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Author Archives: Linda M Davis

Over-The-Hill Baby Boomers…Treasures Or Trash?

[This article has been updated and revised... December 2013] During this Holiday Season while you are busy with the hustle and bustle of shopping and celebrating traditions of Christmas with family and friends… here is some invaluable food for thought. This is something that has been festering inside me for quite some time.  To tell … Continue reading »

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Foundation For Success: Organizational Skills

Organization is the solid foundation for success  in starting and succeeding in any type of business. It begins with your thoughts. Disorganized thoughts produce a cluttered mind; which results in utter confusion and scattered work ethics. When your thoughts are organized, you have a clear mind, resulting in stability and sharp focus; which in turn … Continue reading »

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Disciplining Your Time…In Your Daily Life!

This is not the easiest thing to do.  It takes practice and a strong committment.  Disciplining your time is vital to having any success; both in your personal life and your business. One method that is working quite well for me is to start out by scheduling a set time to start your day and … Continue reading »

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What Is The “ONE THING” We Must Do To Inherit Eternal Life?

In this day and age; I believe that the message of Salvation is being watered down; and not hitting the nail of “Inherit Eternal Life.” We have too many professing Christians out there who are going to have a rude awakening when they stand before the Lord on Judgement Day.  They are talking the talk … Continue reading »

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Has Hidden Emotional Pain Left Open Wounds…Bleeding deep inside?

I would like to dig deeper into this question.  Hopefully I can provide some insight into helping you recognize your hidden emotional pain; find those open wounds and stop the bleeding. Our Precious and Holy Lord was beaten and hung on the cross to die.  He had nails driven in his hands; in both feet; … Continue reading »

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What Does Charlie Brown Have To Do With… The True Meaning Of Christmas?

Thanks to my husband Brett for his major contribution to this wonderful post!   Does all the commercialization of Christmas have you down? Well! I am here to offer you one remedy for family and friends. Amid the avalanche of TV Christmas specials that hit our screens this time of year; there is one little … Continue reading »

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Perfection In Defeat? Z-E-N-Y-A-T-T-A

I am so filled with sadness, devistation and anger that I have to say what is on my heart!   No horse on God’s Creation could have won The Breeders Cup; with all the burdens of heaviness that many of you (so called) expert analysts and naysayers placed upon Zenyatta with your negative words and … Continue reading »

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Is Pain Your Raging Enemy? Stand Firm! Believe And Receive!

Isaiah: 53-5    He was wounded for our transgressions, the chastisement of our Peace was upon him, and by His Stripes we are healed. Pain is not a simple four letter word.  On the contrary; pain is complex, complicated, confusing and compelling…appearing to have multi-level characteristics.  It is most definitely omni-present.  It will attack whomever, … Continue reading »

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The Word of God says: We live by Faith and not by sight.” Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things yet not seen.” Are you living your faith leaving them wanting more?   How do you answer that question in regards to your own life?  I would like to evaluate this … Continue reading »

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Why Are So Many People Close Minded About Natural Supplements!

I have asked myself this question for years.  I have watched people all around me, continue to suffer with this symptom, or that pain, or some persistent infirmity.  Be that as it may; I have repeatedly try to share my knowledge, experiences and miraculous results with the natural products I take, to no avail.  Here … Continue reading »

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