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Posted by on June 8, 2010

The Lord impressed this revelation upon me this morning, when I was preparing my power drink to start the day.  I would venture to say that every one of us has a Dream, and many of us have seen Visions.  Every successful leader says the same thing. “If you want success; you must set goals!” I agree with that wholeheartedly.  Goals are extremely important.  Setting goals help to keep you focused on Your Dream.

Since I was accepted into The Leaders Role, I have been given one challenge after another.  My most  recent challenge seemed like an impossible task for me to accomplish.  I spent two sleepless nights thinking about this assignment.  Those two sleepless nights, and this word of revelation from the Lord, prompted me to share this with you.

When Kris challenged us with these assignments;  he set a DEADLINE for each one.  Yes!  That is ……       The Magic Key that the Lord revealed to me today.   We were always given a time limit, to complete       each assignment. (48 to 72 hours).   Now!  I don’t know about you; I do know this….. For me;  that word DEADLINE propelled me into action.  I was out of my “comfort zone” without even realizing it.  There was no time for thoughts of  ” How am I ever going to do this?”  or ” I can’t do this”   I had only 48 hours to make a choice….. Succeed or Fail.  I chose to succeed!

I’m almost positive that everyone of you has made New Years Resolutions.  I know I have; and most of the time they don’t last.  Let’s discuss a couple of the most common examples.  Getting out of Debt and Exercise / Weight Loss.  We always set goals; but have we ever given ourselves a DEADLINE?
I suggest asking someone close to you to be your partner.  Have them agree to keep you accountable. Keep the time limit short, so that both of you stay focused on the DEADLINE.

That is my Magic Key for today.

Thank you for giving me this time!

Linda M Davis
Foundational Coach
Skype: kentucky-gal

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  1. Nancy Radlinger

    Ohhhhhhh I’m glad you shared this as when I think about it – I have to agree that DEADLINE did do that – wow this is just awesome and great post – thanks for sharing

    skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Tammie Perry

    Linda, this is great. We apply this to every area of our lives….can you imagine the victories we will proclaim. WOW!!!This is great. Thank You.

  3. Mike Erwin

    Great post Linda, you must have that sense of urgency. Complacency is devastating!

  4. Estella Hewitt

    Linda!….Yes!…If we never set a deadline for our goals….more often then not, we will not achieve them….You hit it right on the nose…DEADLINES make us spring into action and accomplish our fetes!….Great Post!….Thank you….Estella H

  5. Scott Crawley

    It seems as now this blogging is getting fun for you that is great and it shows in your blog thoughts- great post, Linda.

    Brian Tracey states this also in this Ebook I am reading, setting deadlines put’s more value in your goal setting.

    Scott Crawley
    Your Online Income Coach
    Skype me: scwealth

  6. Azar Colter

    Where is Linda M Davis lady and WHO are you! (smile) The Linda M Davis I met 2 months ago would have never written blog posts such as these. Each one gets better and better. They overflow with confidence, focus and clarity. The Linda M Davis I knew 2 months ago, although a wonderful person, did not exhibit these qualities…Could it be that the Linda Davis I’ve known is now being transformed? You are definitely a “Diamond In The Rough”…Shine Girl, Shine and never allow anyone put a lampshade over your light!

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