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Disciplining Your Time…In Your Daily Life!

Posted by on March 14, 2011

This is not the easiest thing to do.  It takes practice and a strong committment.  Disciplining your time is vital to having any success; both in your personal life and your business.

One method that is working quite well for me is to start out by scheduling a set time to start your day and a set time to end your day; and do your level best to stick to your schedule.  (This is actually going to be the hardest part) …When you finally master this; you will actually find that scheduling the rest of your day will fall into place.

Giving the first moments of your day to The Lord (you can choose how long);  will definitely have a positive effect on the rest of your day. When everything is in God’s Timing…It is the right timing.

Matthew 6:33  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Setting a goal for each day; making a list of the tasks to be done; and striving to complete each task; will help you attain your goal.  You should schedule a certain amount of time for each online task that you need to complete.

Some examples of this for me are: GLORYWAY- in & out throughout the day,  emails & safelists-1 hour,  study time-2 hours, social media-2 hours,  article writing – fluxuates.  I have to discipline myself to take a break every couple hours.  This schedule is not set in stone.  There are always unexpected interruptions that come up.  I always take the time to be there when someone needs me.  With God’s help, I am striving to do my best to discipline my time.

I also set aside quality time to spend with my husband; and my household duties.  I can honestly say that I am truly blessed with a husband who is quite self sufficient.  He is also extremely supportive of my working on line.  Bless his heart!  He catches most of the brunt of my frustration.

We hear all the time: “You need to work smarter…not harder.  Well! The other day I was listening to a Leadership training call and the speaker said something that really grabbed my attention.  He said we don’t need to work harder; or smarter…We just need to work right!

I ask for your prayers to help me to keep my goal.

You might want to set your own goal for…

Disciplining Your Time…In Your Daily Life.  

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12 Responses to Disciplining Your Time…In Your Daily Life!

  1. Linda Basta

    Great article, Linda

    I’m trying… lol

    Re-Reading a good book that my Pastor gave me a few years ago.

    Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald

    God Bless

  2. Nancy Radlinger

    You know I try so hard to set time to start your day and a set time to end your day and it just don’t work for me lololol So what I have done and can do because I’m single and my dog (Bailey) is so understanding is I have a daily list that I have that do – and I stay here till it’s done – and that is why sometimes it seems that I don’t sleep lolol. The thing is that I do but I do find that I can get more done between midnight and 4,5, or 6AM when everyone else is sleeping lololol and then I sleep till noon – now most can’t do that – so I know I’m blessed. The bottom line is that everyone will find their own schedule that will work for them – just keep trying to get a daily routine down and keep tweaking it for YOU and your life.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  3. Shirley Matta

    Hi Linda, I love the part on setting times to start and end your day….The word says that there is a time and season for everything…order is always good…Thanks

  4. susie

    HI Linda,

    Thanks for a great article. I have this problem deeply. I need to discipline myself in areas. I tried to go by a schedule and that went off the deepend. One problem is I get caught up on one area,either due to problems or something, instead of working on it a set time, I seem to waste my entire day trying to solve a problem. I am trying to gear myself back up in dividing the areas I need to work in.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Susie Moore
    skype smsforce

  5. Lynn Rios

    Great post Linda that I am sure will help many of your readers. My problem is I have more plans and goals than I have time. I need to work on that, because taking time to relax is very important too.

    @Susie Moore – you may want to think about outsourcing the things that you find cause you problems, and free up your time to do the things that you do well and produce results for you. Create strategic alliances with others who need your skills as much as you need theirs.

  6. Tammy

    Hi Linda, yes you are right about planning your day. Seems though there are always more things to do, than time. However, everyday that you take one step forward toward your goals, you are one step closer to your desired outcome. I heard a suggestion from someone is to buy a stopwatch. Set the clock for that particular goal and when the time is up, move on. Food for thought. Thanks for sharing and have an awesome & prosperous day.

  7. Kris


    Nicely said, now I am waiting to see how your results go…. I know that this is a work in progress for us all.


  8. Azar Colter

    Oh Crap Linda, You of all people know this is an area of my life that is still out of control. I just need to stay focused which is hard for me because my time is so limited and like Lynn, so many things that I know I need to do but I run out of time daily. But your advice about implementing a list of tasks to be done is a good one and I really like it. Thanks!

  9. Tammie Perry

    You are absolutely right on this one Linda. Time management is one of my hardest obsticles in my online business. Thank you for sharing these great strategies. Some of them just might work for me. Great post.

  10. Richard Hobart

    Discipline of my time is quite a challenge at times. I work outside of my home between 42 and 45 hours each week. I have 3 daughters and 1 son living with me, not to mention 2 granddaughters and a grandson. Also my wife does not drive and every day I take her to Walmart to buy food for the day with the tips from the night before that I earn. I am praying that Jesus will make a way for me to transfer to an online business. Thank You

  11. Jenny Wudtke

    Linda, this is such a big one for me. Staying balanced, every day it’s a fight! Waking up to be with the Lord, makes my whole day fall perfectly into place. Why is it such a struggle to stay on task? I know what to do the key is to just DO IT! I think making a list the night before is helpful. Than checking off what we have accomplished makes you feel good. Also, setting the timer with a given task sounds like a way to help. Balance, it makes the world go round! I pray we all find balance with God’s help!! God Bless~ Jenny Wudtke

  12. Kevan

    Well Linda I think you got that one right for almost all of us and that’s for sure finding the time to do everything is not an easy thing. But you are right I think it is a thing that needs to be done. At least in one way or another. Well done keep up the good work.


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