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Fear Of Not Overcoming Your Fear!

Posted by on May 29, 2010

Fear is only a four letter word. This little word has been having a huge impact on peoples lives for as long as I can remember. It can and will affect your life and your business if you allow it.The word F E A R means:  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Let’s examine this a little closer. False evidence says that fear isn’t even real.

Written in the Word of God> John 8:32 says this:
You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.” I have clearly presented you with the Truth about the word fear. Now it is up to you, how you apply that Truth to your life.

Most of us, including myself, have had to deal with fear more times than we care to admit. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to overcome fear, as it wears many different names. Today I would like to talk with you about the “root” of fear; why we have it, and where it comes from. I stated in a previous article that Organization starts in your thoughts. Well my friends; fear does the exact same thing.

Words are vitally important and they have a dual purpose in our lives. Words of Hope, Love and Praise will lift our spirits and fill us with Joy. On the other hand, critical, angry and hurting words will immediately bring us down and plant a tiny little seed of doubt. Instead of ignoring it, we replay those words over and over in our mind. That tiny little seed then becomes a full grown harvest of fear.

You now have what is called a “stronghold”  OK!  Are you going to overcome this stronghold or are you going to let it control you?

When we operate out of fear, negativity flows through us like a raging river. Another comparison would be to imagine yourself in quicksand. You’re sinking…deeper and deeper; then you begin to panic in desperation.

I believe I now have your full attention!

The opposite of fear is Faith. Make it your goal to build up your Faith on a daily basis. When you choose to walk in Faith, fear becomes paralyzed. No longer will you have those negative thoughts and feelings. Faith fills you up to overflowing, with Hope and Joy. Favor fits you like a glove. I want to leave you with this thought.

“God Hasn’t Given You A Spirit Of Fear!

He Has Given You The Spirit Of  Love, Power & A  Sound Mind!”

Linda M Davis
Foundational & Nutritional Coaching
Skype: kentucky-gal

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9 Responses to Fear Of Not Overcoming Your Fear!

  1. Scott Crawley

    Linda I have to say you have hit the nail on the head again, I do believe that you are getting addicted to blogging and it shows that you are having fun( That is what it is about!

    Not only are you showing your leadership but you are having fun to, that is a Win-Win situation also the information you have to share is real and comes from your heart.

    FEAR is a ugly word and do ugly things to a person
    you have elected to learn from it, wish there were more who would practice this( Oh well we can just pray for them.

    Keep up the good work Linda!

    Scott Crawley
    Skype me: Scwealth
    Your Online Income Coach

  2. Nancy Radlinger

    Oh you are so right and we all have to learn to overcome our fears and each person has their own – you can do it.

    You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith. ~Mary Manin Morrissey

  3. Lynn Rios

    What an encouraging post! God has given us a blueprint for living and when we do it His way He provides according to His Word. Thanks for reminding us all.

  4. Michael Glass

    Thanks Linda! Another great post. You are so right! For, if God is with us – and He is – who, or what, could be against us? As such, what really is there to fear?

    We all need a little reminder every now and then and you do that very well!


  5. Estella Hewitt

    Another Great Job Linda! Fear is something else….we really need a mediator in our life to help us through those times….Having God in our life is the best mediator we can have….Great Post!

    Bless you,
    Estella H

  6. Kris

    Ms. Linda,
    WOW, what an honor to have you with us and writing in these challenges. It is great to see everyone reach and pull from deep with in. Continue to write and always have fun with it. Can’t wait to read the next one!!!!

    Kris Hanks / Founder TLR

  7. Angelene

    I feel very honored to read such an empowering post.
    Your writing is amazing Linda. Thank you Linda you are such an inspiration:)

  8. Justin Meek


    I really enjoyed your article on fear. I think there are a lot of Christians operating by fear without even realizing it. It is so easy to let fear become the driving force in our lives rather than faith. I think your right in pointing out that the weapon that defeats fear is faith. There is real power in simple belief. Keep blogging!

  9. joy

    Hi Linda

    What a great article, I enjoyed your take on the subject. It seems all of us have it and not everyone is willing to share it, for fear of being judged..isn’t that ironic..

    Thank you

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