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Foundation For Success: Organizational Skills
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Foundation For Success: Organizational Skills

Posted by on July 13, 2011

Organization is the solid foundation for success  in starting and succeeding in any type of business. It begins with your thoughts. Disorganized thoughts produce a cluttered mind; which results in utter confusion and scattered work ethics.

When your thoughts are organized, you have a clear mind, resulting in stability and sharp focus; which in turn spills over into your daily method of operations.

There are key procedures of organization that can affect your business in a major way.

Foundation For Success:  Organizational Actions

  1. Creating labels, folders and filters in your email, will prevent confusion in your inbox.
  2. Having an email client that keeps all your accounts in one place is beneficial.
  3. Copying and pasting all of your important information on to a word pad or note pad.
  4. Saving frequently used information to your desktop will save you valuable time and effort.
  5. Creating a Signature File not only helps keep you organized; it is key in branding you as a professional.
  6. Creating folders and organizing your favorites alphabetically will also benefit you and save time.

Having an organized office, and or computer, will greatly enhance your performance and time management skills; taking your team and your business to a whole new level of success.

Foundation For Success:  Setting The Example

As a leader, you are setting the example for others to build a foundation for success. If you do not strive to develop and perfect your organizational skills, your ability to guide your team will be drastically impaired. Without organization nothing you do is duplicatable.

Once you have mastered the skill of organization, you can move forward with confidence building your business. Self confidence arms you with the boldness needed to approach your target market and promote your business with authority.

You will be surprised at how people will respond to your confidence and authority. When that happens your faith rises to a whole new level. Now you are eager to learn and conquer something new, because you have finally attained that winning attitude and you are on a never ending journey to building a foundation for success.

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7 Responses to Foundation For Success: Organizational Skills

  1. Kevan

    Hi there Linda, Well yes you doing good here my friend. Good layout easy on the eyes as we say. Plus you got a good topic Getting organized that is not an easy thing to do with these computers is it? There is always something else to do first and if you don’t do that thing first then it gets missed, true not every time but some of them for sure.
    You are doing fine, keep up the good work.

    skype: kevan.brock

  2. Scott Crawley

    That is a very powerful message you have covered here Linda, I am sure those people who decide to follow your nugget’s of information and wisdom will see there marketing effort’s grow.

    After this happens they will gain more confidence in what they are doing, get more organized and that is when things really get fun I think.

    Remember organization is 70 % of Good Marketing …

    Scott Crawley
    Online Income Coach
    Skype Me scwealth

  3. Lynn Rios

    Foundational coaching is still your forte Linda. Keep it up!

  4. Tammie Perry

    Great information Linda. You are always offering very useful information that if put action to will enhance anyone’s business. Without a firm and organized foundation, any business could fall. Thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom to help others, especially me.

  5. Donna Meyer

    Very good information. Being organized is very important, if one is not organized those under you will not be organized either. Keep up the good workd.

    Donna Meyer

    Skype: dgm47dgm

  6. Jenny

    It’s about time seoonme wrote about this.

  7. Joseph L Warren

    Linda M Davis, has giving several ( 6 ) immutable rules of basic business 101!
    Great Tips Linda!
    With out organization, it is virtually impossible to progress to success. Many folks I have talked to
    In the At-Home-Business arena.. have the concept of Online business ‘Twisted. FACT: Business IS Business.. no matter if it’s offline or online… If you treat your business like a hobby.. then the profits will reflect that.
    As Linda points out, origination is Key to.. Generating a Mind-Set, Acquiring Leads, Doing Follow-Ups, and making Sales, and of course … Delivering the Goods. I like to refer to the Tasks of doing business as a ~ System ~. A well organized business plan and ease of use in-house System, will permit a business-owner to achieve the goals of the business. To succeed, First you must Plan, Then… Execute the plan and the Money will follow!

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