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Posted by on June 7, 2010

Being of the “Baby Boomer” era, computer technology was non-existent during my high school education.  My first ten years after graduation, I worked for Bell South.  I was a long distance switchboard operator.  It was also the time before computers.

I needed a drastic change in my life.  I  moved to Billings Montana, where I lived the life of a cowgirl, ( the true me)  I have always loved horses, and all I ever wanted to do was work in the Thoroughbred Horse Industry.  It wasn’t easy because women weren’t accepted and recognized.  Unfortunately I became seriously ill,  resulting in surgery.  That landed me back, once again, in my home town.

After full recovery, I made another drastic decision.  By now I am in my 30′s.  I decided to join the  US Army Reserves.  They offered me the opportunity to get medical training, so I shocked everyone and signed up.  My Basic Training was no piece of cake; especially at my age.  I had to qualify on the M16, Night fire, Gas Chamber, dig my own man hole, Log Drill PT, Mini Warfare, Forced Mile March. (Oh!  By the way, I should tell you that I completed most of my Basic Training on crutches.)

I always had a strong desire to educate and help others to live healthy. I continued to work  in the medical profession for quite a few years.

One day I finally admitted to myself.  I was not truly happy.  I was not doing what I loved to do. I decided to go back and work in the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry.  I was blessed  to work with horses for 20+ years, off and on. It was the hardest work I have ever done.  Seven days a week,  my morning generally started at 3AM, and sometimes extended  into late night.  It was, without a doubt, some of the happiest and most fulfilling years of my entire life.  My dream came crashing down in 2000, when I almost lost my life to a deadly virus.  I could no longer do what I loved most.

I shared all this history simply to say this.  “I never had  contact with a computer in any way, shape or form, until I was 55 years old.  The first five years was spent reading  email.  I refused to go outside my email  for fear of hitting a wrong button and crashing my computer.  Little by little, with practice, I ventured out on the WEB.  I was so hungry to learn about the computer and marketing.  There was no one willing to teach me.

My Dream and My Vision of having my own Home Business was birthed at that time.  I had spent many years learning about, and doing research on Nutrition.  My Health was a major priority in my Life.   God had blessed me with a special gift and  A Burning Passion to help others to live healthy.

It was in April of 2009 when God answered my prayer.  I was given the Product, (Silver Sol), that restored my health and changed my life, to share with others.. God also blessed me with a special angel, Lynn Rios, who spent sacrificial hours with me, night after night, sharing her knowledge and   experience.  She had the “Patience of Job”!  I was a slow learner, with very little confidence.

Thanks to FAITH IN GOD! and constant support of my closest friends, Tammie and Lynn; I refused to let go of my dream.  The three of us have been blessed to be members of The Leaders Role.

We are becoming leaders, meeting challenge after challenge; seeing the reality of our Vision.

Be Blessed!
Linda M Davis
Foundational & Nutritional Coach
skype: kentucky-gal

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  1. Lynn Rios

    I am so thrilled to see your confidence soaring and your computer skills getting sharper all the time. I am not sure I agree with the “Patience of Job” part though…you give me too much credit. I am looking forward to working with you for a long time to come.

    TLR 3% WOO HOO!

  2. Estella Hewitt

    Good Linda…Your choice to use marketing as a vessel to bring a health product awareness to people that need it & to alert the ones that may not yet “need” it, of the preventive measures of using it is strong. Anytime you can use yourself as a testimonial for your passion, carries a lot of weight with the readers/potential buyers…Thank you for sharing…..Estella

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