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Leadership Traits Of Women In The Winners Circle

Posted by on June 17, 2010
Earlier I wrote an article on an amazing mare Zenyatta; where I gave special insights to her.  I shared with all of you her unique qualities and attributes, that have sustained her through her journey to greatness.

For centuries women have been striving to be recognized.  We have had to compromise and fight for every achievement and honor we have received.  God created women EQUAL to men.  He created us to walk beside them; not behind them.  In the business world today, for many years men have predominantly held leadership roles.

Well!  Here is a huge newsflash!  Just like Zenyatta showed the colts in the Breeders Cup; women are continuously ending up inside the Winners Circle.

When God created woman, He gave her Strong Leadership Traits.  Many of these traits have brought women to the forefront and established them as better leaders throughout history.  Those examples have inspired women and continue to have a lasting effect on them today.   I would like to discuss some of these leadership traits.

One of our main attributes is we love to talk.  Many times it is said that we have that Gift to Gab.  That is an important  qualification to being a good leader.  We are, for the most part, open and honest.  We are not afraid to speak our mind.  There is a part of every woman, in my opinion, that secretly desires to be the center of attention.  We have the ability to carry on a conversation with anyone, whether it is a friend or a complete stranger.

Women have and inner strength and determination that we can always pull from whenever needed.  Just like Zenyatta knows exactly where that wire is, and gets there every time;   women are the same way.  When we have a desire in our heart, or we see something that we want; we refuse to let anything or anyone keep us from it.  Women also have that competitive spirit that I spoke about, when describing Zenyatta.  I believe that we, as women,  are not only willing to face every new challenge head on; we welcome the competition.  It ignites that fire within us to win.

Another superior quality that women in leadership have, is organization.   Most women, in general, are extremely detail oriented.  We have the uncanny ability to multi task.  That is a skill in itself.  We are able to check emails, answer messages, schedule appointments and solve problems at virtually the same time.

Successful women are seldom controlled by their emotions; however we are extremely sensitive and caring.   Extraordinary patience and understanding, in the most stressful situations is generally exhibited.

Women in the Winners Circle have professionalism written all over them.  We each have our own unique sense of style and independence that enhances our leadership traits.

They say that cream always rises to the top.

Well ladies… We are The Cream Of The Crop!

Blessings & Health

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5 Responses to Leadership Traits Of Women In The Winners Circle

  1. David ORourke

    Excellent article Linda. I especially appreciate what you said about ( I believe that we, as women, are not only willing to face every new challenge head on; we welcome the competition. It ignites that fire within us to win. ) I love seeing that fire. Thanks

  2. Angelene

    What an inspiring article Linda. We as women do have a the traits required to be a true leaders. Great writing, I look forward to reading many more!

  3. Ann M Carron

    Linda, what an inspiring article about woman and the stimuli we do have to be leader right beside a man. No more walking behind it is time we move forward and take our position at the finish line and become the winner we knew we always were. Woman are caring and sensitive and that quality alone in any leader male or females is a trait which people are attracted too. Take care and Peace and Love I look forward to many inspiring articles from you. Ann
    :-) :-)

  4. Debbie Davis

    Another great article and it is easy to see how your love for horses does perfectly blend with your life as a woman.

    Debbie Davis
    skype debdavis.inc

  5. Jason

    Great work with the blogging assignment!

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