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Posted by on June 3, 2010

I believe in my heart that my… MOUNTAIN MOVING FAITH In God… is my strongest asset.  It has made me who I am today.  

I have had to climb one mountain after another in my lifetime;  and I continue to climb them today.

The first, and emphatically the biggest, was rejection.  (Many of you will probably relate to this!)   I would try and try repeatedly to get over it; only to land back at the bottom, staring up at it.  It had a Strong Hold on me.  Remember that word?  I talked about it in my article on fear.  Every mountain that you face is actually a stronghold, and strongholds are in your mind.  Your thoughts become words, and your words produce results.  I will explain more about this.

Luke 17:6 says:  ”If you have FAITH as a grain of mustard seed (do you realize how tiny that is); you can say to this mountain MOVE; and not doubt in your Heart…but believe those things which you have spoken will come to pass,  YOU WILL HAVE  WHATSOEVER YOU SAY.”  When I finally grabbed hold of this and applied it to every area of my life, I started experiencing Faith, Hope, Joy, Peace, Love and the Favor of God.

The next mountain that seemed impossible for me was finances.  I am sure this has been a tough one for many of you as well.  Now remember this is a stronghold.  Your words and actions produce your outcome.  This wasn’t as difficult for me as rejection; but it took me a few times to get victory over it.

I have never considered myself  “Financially Prosperous,”  however I have never lacked any good thing.  Jehovah Jireh has always been my provider.   I have received many, many miracles from the Lord, some have been financial.  I have learned another valuable secret I want to share with you.  If you will start giving back to God, trusting Him with your money instead of your bank account; you will always have your needs met, your bills paid,  and much more than you can ever hope for.

The last mountain I want to talk about is Health!  So many of you are constantly battling sickness and pain.  Cancer and Diabetes are two dangerous killers that try to destroy everything they come in contact with.  I, myself, had a close encounter with a deadly virus.  True; there is modern medicine, natural supplements, healthy eating habits, but many times it’s not enough.

This is where YOUR FAITH comes in.  You remember earlier when I stated that your thoughts become your words, your words and your actions produce your results.  Start speaking words of WHOLENESS & DIVINE HEALTH over your mind & your body.  Find a scripture for whatever need you have and stand on it daily.  You can do the same thing for finances, rejection and any other mountain that is standing in  your way.  God has provided everything we could ever want or need in His Word.  All we have to do is apply it to the situation.

I know what some of you are probably thinking:  “You have never been told that You will never amount to anything; or You are always going to be a failure” or maybe you have never felt Loved.   I have been victim to all of these!  If I can do it, You can do it.  If not one person in this world loves you; GOD LOVES YOU!

The key is hidden inside you.  You Have What You Say!

Linda M Davis
Inspirational & Nutritional Coaching
Skype: kentucky-gal








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  1. Lynn Rios

    Linda, your article has really touched me. You have a way of really connecting with your readers on a universal level. Keep it up!

  2. Michael Glass

    Wow Linda! A great and inspiring article! Thank you!

  3. Joshua Eyberg

    Linda…that is a fantastic post. I have had to learn lots of those trials in my life with rejection to trusting that God would provide. I went threw some tough times and have learned that everything you have is Gods. That includes health, finances and family! We are just the ones that get to manage it. Thanks for the post and hope to read more in the future. Take care


  4. Tammie Perry

    Linda, this is such a great article. Very inspiring and with so much truth in it. I too believe that your faith is one of your greatest assets. You are such a blessing to those around you. Keep up the great work.

    Tammie Perry

  5. Estella Hewitt

    How close are the minds of those that believe….This is great & in line with my own post….Faith is a powerful thing & people don’t realize the power they posses, if only they have faith….Good Job Linda!…Estella H

  6. Eliza Anne

    Hey Linda,
    wonderful article. May you be richly blessed in all things.
    On yer gal,
    richest of blessings
    Eliza Anne

  7. Azar Colter


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