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Over-The-Hill Baby Boomers…Treasures Or Trash?

Posted by on December 4, 2013
Are They Treasures Or Trash?

Are They Treasures Or Trash?

[This article has been updated and revised... December 2013]

During this Holiday Season while you are busy with the hustle and bustle of shopping and celebrating traditions of Christmas with family and friends… here is some invaluable food for thought.

This is something that has been festering inside me for quite some time.  To tell you the truth…I AM FURIOUS about how many of our senior citizens are being neglected, dis-respected and sadly even abused. There is absolutely no excuse acceptable for any of this happening.

Our great grandparents, our grandparents and our parents are the pioneers in our lives.  They slaved and worked all of their life to make sure we always felt loved; safe and warm;  had clean clothes; and always had food to eat.  They picked us up when we fell down;  listened when we needed to talk;  held us when we cried;  helped us with our homework;  played games with us; and took us to church and Sunday school.

Grandpa and Grandma would always spoil us rotten.  Dad and Mom would do their best to discipline us;  to teach us right from wrong. They built the solid foundation for us to grow upon.  We owe these pioneers a huge debt of gratitude, love and thanks.  They should be precious treasures to us.

Too many of our Over-The-Hill Baby Boomers are being forgotten by families and thrown away like a piece of trash. They are considered a burden instead of a Blessing.  Just walk into any Nursing Home; you will see clearly what I am saying.  I applaud and admire all the Activity Directors and other health care professionals that pour their Love and their hearts into our seniors to give their lives Hope, Passion and Purpose.

My husband works night shift in one of these Nursing Homes; and he sees the lonliness, hopelessness, rejection, fear and yes…even anger displayed through their words and actions.  He always makes a conscious effort; to let each one of his patients know how special they are.

I want to share another example of this Love:  I have a good friend who schedules “special time” to spend with his Grandma every Friday. He never allows anything or anyone to compromise that day.  HE LOVES HIS GRANDMA WITH ALL HIS HEART; and he shares that love with everyone.

People!  This is the way we should be treating all Senior Citizens. Make time for a phone call…better yet…a personal visit.  Many of these pioneers are stubborn willed, set in their ways and highly value their independence.  They still need to be loved and treated with the Dignity and Respect they deserve and have well earned.    As I stated earlier;  they paved the way for you and I;  they compromised and sacrificed to give us their best.

The very least we owe them…Is our Time…our Love… and our Devotion!

Remember One day you will inevitably be an “Over-The- Hill Baby Boomer.”

How do you want to be treated?  Like a “Treasure”… or a “Piece of Trash!”   










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7 Responses to Over-The-Hill Baby Boomers…Treasures Or Trash?

  1. Nancy Radlinger

    You are so right and it’s a shame that all most of them want is some TIME from us – a visit from you to show that you still think about them and it is sad how once you get put in a home you are neglected – that could be you all someday – do you want to be treated that way and how would you feel.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Kris


    Our grandparents and parents are the ones that we have to thank for being here and for who we are. Both the things we like and don’t like about ourselves, spending time with them is a honor not a chore. One day all we will have is the memories of that time we spent with them.

    Thanks for the post,

  3. Lynn Rios

    I have a couple of things to say on this subject.

    First, our elderly friends, relatives, and acquaintances should be sought after for their wisdom that comes from a lifetime of experience. If we are not seeking their counsel, THE LOSS IS OUR OWN.

    Second, neener neener neener, I know who you are talking about – lol

  4. Shirley Matta

    Thanks Linda…it had to be said. This is such a sad state of affairs when especially in this country youth and immaturity is glorified over experience and wisdom.

  5. Ken Thompson

    In the Native American communities we always respect our Elders. They are the ones that pass on the knowledge and wisdom. I recall there was one elder in my area that was booked solid for breakfast and dinner appointments for like two months straight, if you wanted to take him out for either one you had to go on a waiting list. It wasn’t like he was left in a home and forgotten about. When he passed away I want to say there was nearly a thousand people at the service.

  6. Mike

    It is a sad commentary when people get to busy to take the time to spend with their parents or grandparents. I’ve never understood why it was looked down upon when you had a parent living with you.

  7. Agnes Saam

    this is so crazy the new generation have no respect for elderly people, but to most part it’s there parents fault to because they just hand them anything and don’t let them work for it…. I’m a Caregiver and love what I do… I think if I reach out to someone God will reward some other way and I hope when I’m older my kids and others are caring about me.
    thank you for sharing,

    skype: agnessaam

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