Are You Giving Lame Excuses For Procrastination?

Do not put off until tomorrow; what you can get done today. How many times do we say that to ourselves, yet we do that very thing. We give ourselves every conceivable reason or excuse we can possibly come up with.


Some examples of procrastination that you might relate to are:


    •  I think the grass is too wet; I will wait and mow it tomorrow

    •  That bill is not due until a later date; so I can wait to pay it.

    •  It is too hot outside right now; I will get up early in the morning and get that done.

    •  I have to complete this assignment; What if it is not good enough?

    •  I need to call that person; this probably would not be the best time.

    •  I have so much to get done; I am just not in the mood right now.

The list for procrastination is endless. It is a word that can fit into any situation or circumstance if we allow it to. It has many disguises through which it operates. I would like to dig a little deeper into some disguises.




Fear wears many different hats within it’s own disguise, yet they very often operate together.


Fear of Lack of Knowledge!  Fear of Failure!  Fear of the Unknown!


Truthfully I believe that we use these fears to procrastinate because we have not done the research and spent the time to prepare ourselves properly. Our confidence level is extremely low, therefore we stumble and fumble with our words and actions.


Solution… Study to show your self approved! Become an expert in any task that you choose to endeavor; your confidence will soar and you will be eager to get started.


Lack of Organization & Time Management!


Procrastination plays a huge role here due to the fact that we do not discipline ourselves in our daily actions, which causes us to become scattered and lose focus.


Solution… We need to devise specific categories for each day; and set a time schedule for each category. Doing that faithfully will develop better organization and time management skills for all of us. These two skills alone, when mastered properly, will have a huge positive impact on our lives.


Lack-a-dais-ical Attitude!


Simply put this means “laziness!” Unfortunately, but true, this is one of the most popular excuses for using procrastination today. It occurs in various situations. For example; people suffering from depression will become lack-a-dais-ical because they see no hope in their future.


Another reason people procrastinate is because they are in denial. They either can’t or they refuse to deal with certain issues in their lives. Most often this causes irreparable damage.


Anger is another dangerous excuse. So much of the time, when we are angry, or bitter, we tend to disassociate ourselves; burying the feelings. That is a lame excuse for procrastination .


Solution… If the depression is clinical, it can be treated. Seek the advice and care of a physician. If you are just feeling sorry for yourself; get over it! The sun came up this morning, the flowers are in bloom, and God gave you this day; so do something positive with your life.


You can’t hide from yourself forever. Denying the truth holds you captive; accepting the truth will free you to move forward.


By confronting the source of your anger, and resolving it, you will spend far less time complaining to others. That time could be better used toward achieving your goals.


I hoped I have helped you to better understand how procrastination is not worthy of your time. I myself, have learned valuable insights through sharing this information with you.


It is never too late to make your life… The Best It Can Be! Go ahead! Get started today! Apply some of these principles to your daily life. I promise you will never regret it.

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Why Nano Silver Technology… Here is the Rest Of The Story

Why is having  “A FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE” so important to you and your loved ones?

Having a first line of defense at your disposal simply means that you and your whole household will have the protection it needs from potential pathogenic threats.

SILVER SOL TECHNOLOGY is available in two forms:

SILVER SOL SOLUTION has been proven  Safe, Non Toxic and Highly Effective against:  food poisoning, pneumonia, boils, moles, eye infections, sinus infections, skin infections, respiratory infections, yeast infections, bladder infections, staph infections, viruses, fungi, exotic flu and diseases.  It is taken orally and is completely tasteless and odorless. You can also spray it in your eyes, your nose and your throat, and it is absolutely wonderful for your complexion.

SILVER SOL GEL is a another miraculous product; being used in hospitals, burn units and cancer clinics for disinfection, wound and skin care.  It is also been proven Safe Non Toxic and Highly Effective against: burns, radiation burns, open wounds, sunburns, fungus, yeast and staph infections (MRSA) and much more.

Silver Sol Solution and Silver Sol Gel are completely safe and beneficial for both humans and animals. You can feel good about giving it to your new born baby, your great grandma, your pets and everyone else that you love.

My Personal Testimony With New Silver Solution!

At age 63 I am now stronger, more vibrant and healthier than I was in my 40′s.   I have a Burning Passion to educate and help others live healthy. I sincerely believe, with all my heart, that everyone:  newborn to 90+, needs “New Silver Solution” and “Silver Sol Gel.”

I found my answerWhat are you going to do about your health?


Don’t Wait Until The Next Deadly Virus, or Exotic Flu Hits You or Someone You Love! Fill in the opt in form at the left.


Why Nano Silver Technology Healed Me Of A Deadly Virus!



For centuries, silver has been known to possess antiseptic, disinfectant, and germicidal properties; to  boost your immune system to fight off dangerous pathogens commonly found in our environment today.  Nano Silver Technology has been proven effective against… bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeast and parasites, even deadly ones.

I would like to pose some questions to you.

1. Have you been disillusioned  by having your doctor tell you that he can’t find any medical results for the symptoms you are having?
2. Are you discouraged because no matter how much medication you take; there is no improvement on your condition?
3. Do you feel like there is no hope of getting better?
4. Are you tired of just being “sick and tired” all the time?
5. Do you live in fear of being the next victim of a deadly flu or virus?
6. Have you or a loved one ever been afflicted with MRSA?

These are very legitimate questions that people all over the world, just like you and I, are asking on a daily basis.  They are desperately searching for answers to get some glimmer of hope.  Maybe you, or someone close to you, can relate to any one of these situations.

I can relate!  There was a period in my life when I had resigned myself to believing  that I would never be healthy again.

That was not true for me; and it does not have to be true for you.  I am here to tell you!  There is an answer… There is Hope!

I would like to explain a little about what this technology is; and how this particular delivery system differs from other coloidal and ionic silver supplements.

Nano Silver Technology is a composition made up of silver particles, suspended in water. This silver solution destroys or disables microorganisms which are hazardous to the human body.

Nano Silver Technology is a solution made up of silver particles, suspended in water.  This silver solution destroys or disables microorganisms which are hazardous to the human body.

The NEW SILVER SOLUTION® consists of patented nano silver technology that has been  proven SAFE, NON-TOXIC, and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. It is an excellent first line of defense that every single household needs.

I have much more to share with you about the many uses of this Nano Silver Technology, and my personal testimony of how it restored my health.

Are you searching for answers?  You must read the rest of the story!

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Is Your Body Really Protected? Insights for Healthy Living!

That is a very important question every one of us should be asking on a daily basis.  Your body is in the process of ingesting from the minute you are born, to the day you die.


In this day and age, with all the smog, smoke, chemicals, airborne viruses, and allergies, do you consider the air that you breathe to be safe and beneficial to your body? You need to be astutely aware and well informed about everything you ingest.


Water is a vital necessity to life. We should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day. I can tell you, with certainty, that the water that comes out of your tap is most definitely… not safe.

I have tested tap water, and what I have seen will literally make you sick. Many diseases are traced back to our drinking water. Please don’t drink tap or bottled water; drink water that is purified by Reverse Osmosis.


Stay informed with Insights for Healthy Living!


Is the food you consume on a regular basis really safe and effective for your body in a positive way. Considering all the chemicals, additives, substitutes, preservatives, fillers and hormones that are being put into our meats, fruits and vegetables…I don’t think so. The only healthy choice is organic and natural supplementation. Even then you need to stay well informed.  Please start reading labels, and the ingredients of what you are putting into your body.


Our skin is also an essential avenue of ingestion. There are so many fancy oils, creams, gels and lotions out on the market today. If you will take the time to read the ingredients; very few are pure, natural and safe for your body. Here is another tip….If you are using Pure Filtered Healthy Water; your body will produce it’s own oils. Your skin will feel smooth as velvet.  (More Healthy Insights)


Have you ever considered this …Every thing that you allow your eyes to see:  TV Commercials, Movies, Billboards, Bumper Stickers,  Magazines, Books and the Internet is constantly being ingested and becoming one with your body.


Think about your ears…What are you listening to on a regular basis?  Radio, Music, CD’s, conversations, etc.  You need to stay well informed to discern good from evil.


You are a very precious commodity, and your body is The Temple of the Lord. It’s never too late to start treating your body like a temple. When treated with Love and Care; your body has the unique ability to naturally heal itself.


Don’t put it off!  Start today!   Choose to apply these insights and keep your body protected and healthy.


I have enjoyed sharing this vital information with you, and will be providing more  Insights for Healthy Living.  Because I know you value your health; come back often to read my future posts.


My Passion is to keep you well informed… to Give Your Body What It Needs…To Be The Very Best It Can Be For You!


Blessings & Health!


Linda M Davis
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Leadership Traits Of Women In The Winners Circle

Earlier I wrote an article on an amazing mare Zenyatta; where I gave special insights to her.  I shared with all of you her unique qualities and attributes, that have sustained her through her journey to greatness.

For centuries women have been striving to be recognized.  We have had to compromise and fight for every achievement and honor we have received.  God created women EQUAL to men.  He created us to walk beside them; not behind them.  In the business world today, for many years men have predominantly held leadership roles.

Well!  Here is a huge newsflash!  Just like Zenyatta showed the colts in the Breeders Cup; women are continuously ending up inside the Winners Circle.

When God created woman, He gave her Strong Leadership Traits.  Many of these traits have brought women to the forefront and established them as better leaders throughout history.  Those examples have inspired women and continue to have a lasting effect on them today.   I would like to discuss some of these leadership traits.

One of our main attributes is we love to talk.  Many times it is said that we have that Gift to Gab.  That is an important  qualification to being a good leader.  We are, for the most part, open and honest.  We are not afraid to speak our mind.  There is a part of every woman, in my opinion, that secretly desires to be the center of attention.  We have the ability to carry on a conversation with anyone, whether it is a friend or a complete stranger.

Women have and inner strength and determination that we can always pull from whenever needed.  Just like Zenyatta knows exactly where that wire is, and gets there every time;   women are the same way.  When we have a desire in our heart, or we see something that we want; we refuse to let anything or anyone keep us from it.  Women also have that competitive spirit that I spoke about, when describing Zenyatta.  I believe that we, as women,  are not only willing to face every new challenge head on; we welcome the competition.  It ignites that fire within us to win.

Another superior quality that women in leadership have, is organization.   Most women, in general, are extremely detail oriented.  We have the uncanny ability to multi task.  That is a skill in itself.  We are able to check emails, answer messages, schedule appointments and solve problems at virtually the same time.

Successful women are seldom controlled by their emotions; however we are extremely sensitive and caring.   Extraordinary patience and understanding, in the most stressful situations is generally exhibited.

Women in the Winners Circle have professionalism written all over them.  We each have our own unique sense of style and independence that enhances our leadership traits.

They say that cream always rises to the top.

Well ladies… We are The Cream Of The Crop!

Blessings & Health

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ZENYATTA! True Heart of a Champion!

Yesterday, once again, as she has done for sixteen consecutive races;  Zenyatta galloped to victory in the 250,000 Grade I Vanity Stakes.  A record crowd at Hollywood Park went ridiculously wild and totally out of control, when Zenyatta made her winning move through the stretch to cross the wire in front of St Trinians, who gave her all to try to beat her.


This TOTALLY AMAZING six year old mare has given something so special back to the Horse Racing Industry, racing fans and the world in general.  She has captured the hearts of everyone.  Her owners, her trainer, her jockey, her groom and hotwalker, (whom I understand are husband and wife), her exercise rider, and her devoted fans world wide.

She mesmerizes you with her presence;  just watching her literally takes your breath away.

She not only has the Heart of a Champion; her perfect conformation, her competitive spirit, and her strong mind keep her on her journey to greatness.  She also has a winning and  somewhat playful personality.  She exudes royalty, and she has her own style of arrogance.  That clearly shows when she performs her special dance and flirts with the crowds


When she comes out of the gates, she is all business.  I don’t think she is ever worried.  If you have watched all her races, you know there have been times when Zenyatta has walked out of the gate and settled calmly into her position well behind the field.  I have watched her head move ever so slightly, and I believe she is watching the other horses and analyzing the race.  She has a perfect clock in her head.  She knows the exact time to start making her move upon the field; and you can be sure, she knows where the finish wire is.

I think the best example of this analogy was in the Breeders Cup Classic, when Zenyatta won against some of the best colts in the world.  She came out of the starting gate the same way she always does; and settled well behind the field.  Now this was no ordinary field, and Mike Smith knew that she would not be able to circle this huge field.  When she started to move, Mike had to come up through the inside.  She was shut off a couple times; but what amazed me most, was watching her head move from side to side.  Her eyes were constantly  searching for her hole to get through.  When she found it; nothing was going to keep her from getting through; and nothing did.  She came bounding down the stretch to win against the colts and stamp her place in history.

Having worked with race horses for many years of my life, I can appreciate the relationship between Zenyatta and her groom.  I watched them yesterday when he was holding her in the paddock before the race.  She stood there, her head so stately with both ears pricked forward, looking out into the crowd, then she leaned down and nuzzled her head into her groom’s arms. He just stood there caressing her face.  That was a sight to behold; and it brought tears to my eyes. The Love, Trust and Respect between them was so evident.  I can totally relate to this, because that was the kind of relationship I had with every horse I worked with.  My horses were the center of my life. I loved them and they knew it.  They trusted me completely and responded to my love.

I want to personally thank Zenyatta for restoring my love for horse racing back to it’s fullest capacity.  When the world lost Barbaro, I was so devastated, and there was a big empty hole in my heart.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with horse racing anymore.  I will never, never forget Barbaro.  He has a permanent place in my heart;  however Zenyatta has helped to fill that hole with Love once again.

I want to thank the Moss’s, John Shirreffs, and Mike Smith for allowing me to ride along on this unbelievable journey.  I also owe a  “thank you” to my friend Lynn for suggesting that I write this article.

I am so Blessed to be living in this era of racing, witnessing each and every milestone of Victory with Zenyatta.

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The Lord impressed this revelation upon me this morning, when I was preparing my power drink to start the day.  I would venture to say that every one of us has a Dream, and many of us have seen Visions.  Every successful leader says the same thing. “If you want success; you must set goals!” I agree with that wholeheartedly.  Goals are extremely important.  Setting goals help to keep you focused on Your Dream. Read more »

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Being of the “Baby Boomer” era, computer technology was non-existent during my high school education.  My first ten years after graduation, I worked for Bell South.  I was a long distance switchboard operator.  It was also the time before computers. Read more »

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I believe in my heart that my… MOUNTAIN MOVING FAITH In God… is my strongest asset.  It has made me who I am today.  

I have had to climb one mountain after another in my lifetime;  and I continue to climb them today.

The first, and emphatically the biggest, was rejection.  (Many of you will probably relate to this!)   I would try and try repeatedly to get over it; only to land back at the bottom, staring up at it.  It had a Strong Hold on me.  Remember that word?  I talked about it in my article on fear.  Every mountain that you face is actually a stronghold, and strongholds are in your mind.  Your thoughts become words, and your words produce results.  I will explain more about this. Read more »

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Fear Of Not Overcoming Your Fear!

Fear is only a four letter word. This little word has been having a huge impact on peoples lives for as long as I can remember. It can and will affect your life and your business if you allow it. Read more »

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