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ZENYATTA! True Heart of a Champion!

Posted by on June 14, 2010

Yesterday, once again, as she has done for sixteen consecutive races;  Zenyatta galloped to victory in the 250,000 Grade I Vanity Stakes.  A record crowd at Hollywood Park went ridiculously wild and totally out of control, when Zenyatta made her winning move through the stretch to cross the wire in front of St Trinians, who gave her all to try to beat her.


This TOTALLY AMAZING six year old mare has given something so special back to the Horse Racing Industry, racing fans and the world in general.  She has captured the hearts of everyone.  Her owners, her trainer, her jockey, her groom and hotwalker, (whom I understand are husband and wife), her exercise rider, and her devoted fans world wide.

She mesmerizes you with her presence;  just watching her literally takes your breath away.

She not only has the Heart of a Champion; her perfect conformation, her competitive spirit, and her strong mind keep her on her journey to greatness.  She also has a winning and  somewhat playful personality.  She exudes royalty, and she has her own style of arrogance.  That clearly shows when she performs her special dance and flirts with the crowds


When she comes out of the gates, she is all business.  I don’t think she is ever worried.  If you have watched all her races, you know there have been times when Zenyatta has walked out of the gate and settled calmly into her position well behind the field.  I have watched her head move ever so slightly, and I believe she is watching the other horses and analyzing the race.  She has a perfect clock in her head.  She knows the exact time to start making her move upon the field; and you can be sure, she knows where the finish wire is.

I think the best example of this analogy was in the Breeders Cup Classic, when Zenyatta won against some of the best colts in the world.  She came out of the starting gate the same way she always does; and settled well behind the field.  Now this was no ordinary field, and Mike Smith knew that she would not be able to circle this huge field.  When she started to move, Mike had to come up through the inside.  She was shut off a couple times; but what amazed me most, was watching her head move from side to side.  Her eyes were constantly  searching for her hole to get through.  When she found it; nothing was going to keep her from getting through; and nothing did.  She came bounding down the stretch to win against the colts and stamp her place in history.

Having worked with race horses for many years of my life, I can appreciate the relationship between Zenyatta and her groom.  I watched them yesterday when he was holding her in the paddock before the race.  She stood there, her head so stately with both ears pricked forward, looking out into the crowd, then she leaned down and nuzzled her head into her groom’s arms. He just stood there caressing her face.  That was a sight to behold; and it brought tears to my eyes. The Love, Trust and Respect between them was so evident.  I can totally relate to this, because that was the kind of relationship I had with every horse I worked with.  My horses were the center of my life. I loved them and they knew it.  They trusted me completely and responded to my love.

I want to personally thank Zenyatta for restoring my love for horse racing back to it’s fullest capacity.  When the world lost Barbaro, I was so devastated, and there was a big empty hole in my heart.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with horse racing anymore.  I will never, never forget Barbaro.  He has a permanent place in my heart;  however Zenyatta has helped to fill that hole with Love once again.

I want to thank the Moss’s, John Shirreffs, and Mike Smith for allowing me to ride along on this unbelievable journey.  I also owe a  “thank you” to my friend Lynn for suggesting that I write this article.

I am so Blessed to be living in this era of racing, witnessing each and every milestone of Victory with Zenyatta.

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11 Responses to ZENYATTA! True Heart of a Champion!

  1. Kris

    I feel as if I watched the race threw your words. WOW, your writing is something to behold and I admire your heart. The heart will write for you if you only listen. Be sure to listen Linda, it will speak to you often.

    Kris Hanks/ Founder TLR

  2. kathy keen

    Linda this has to be the best blog you have wrote to date…
    I felt the excitement and love,, It touched me very deeply.

    Great job and thanks for sending me all the races via YouTube as you know I also love horses and the races..

    I will say it again ,,,one of the best I have read!!!

    Thank you

  3. Nancy Radlinger

    WOW – this was awesome – like Kris said it was like being there and feeling the excitement of this race – and you sure can feel your love of horses in this ones – this was just wonderful to read

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  4. Lynn Rios

    I knew it! I mean I really knew it! When you and I spoke last night and you told me about the race, I just knew that if you would just write it, it would be absolutely brilliant…AND IT IS!

    You have out done yourself on this one.

  5. Debbie Davis

    I truly enjoyed reading this article. The love of horses is even more evident through your pen. I think it very obvious horses are your Passion.
    Debbie Davis

  6. David ORourke

    Awesome article Linda. I love how you use the adjectives and make the writing come alive. I can see the real love you have for the sport of Horse Racing. It shows in your writing. Good job. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  7. Tammie Perry

    This is absolutely wonderful. My heart was pounding before I ever saw the video. I cried.Your pen just flows with your love for the horses. Great Job, Linda. Fantastic work.

  8. Ellen

    Linda! What a Wonderful Article! My hat is off to you! I enjoyed every word! The Video is Awesome! I also love and understand the nobility of horses and you have struck a chord!

  9. Michael Glass

    Wow! I am not really sure just upon what to comment! Your well written post; Your passion; Your observation skills; That beautiful horse; An amazing race…..

    I Can’t wait to read more!

    Michael Glass

  10. Teresitz Lewis

    Thank you for your lesson on horses. I had no idea how exciting Zenyatta really is. She is amazing horse.


  11. Anita Carville

    Thank you for sharing this. You put words to my feelings for Zenyatta. She has just captured my heart, and I love her. She is such an inspiration and brings me joy. If something is bothering me or stressing me, I think of her and what she does, and just feel happy. She is truly sent from God.

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